Whippoorwill River

Artist:Vince Gill Bassist:Willie Weeks Free Download About the song: This song by Vince Gill carries a beautiful sentiment and is supported by some serious craft. It varies tempo between the verses and choruses and each has distinct sonic characteristics, but the bit that blew me away was the the rhythms that Willie Weeks pulled out … Continue reading Whippoorwill River

Cry Pretty

Artist:Carrie Underwood Bassist:Jimmie Lee Sloas Free Download About the song: This is such a great song, underpinned by a driving and sometimes unexpected bassline. In particular, check out the fills in bars 14/15 (a superb crossover fill), 32 and 70 (straight 16th note melodic fills). There is also a magic moment (bars 83 and 91) … Continue reading Cry Pretty