What Was I Thinking


Dierks Bentley


Jimmy Carter

About the song:

Jimmy Carter for president! Seriously though, groove and tone and fills and… everything is simply superb on this track by Dierks Bentley. Jimmy Carter and Steve Brewster are the rhythm section on a few of Dierks Bentleys records and I can see why; the energy of these two players together is magic.

Bentley co-wrote “What Was I Thinkin'” with his record producer, Brett Beavers, and Deric Ruttan. It was released in 2003 as his debut single (and also his first #1 on Billboard Hot Country Songs).

Some highlights for me are the pentatonic fills at bars 20 and 60 (similar but not the same), the driving eighth note groove at the end of each chorus, and the non-diatonic descending scale line (bars 147 and 148). Even something as simple and subtle as the groups of three quarter notes the occur at bars 121/122 are that touch of class and interest.

The transcription:

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