She’s Country


Jason Aldean


Tully Kennedy

About the song:

According to Country Weekly magazine, songwriter Bridgette Tatum got together with fellow songwriter Danny Myrick after thinking of a groove “that she didn’t want to forget.”

Tully Kennedy uses the same white P/J Sadowsky bass on all tracks in the studio. The tone on this track goes from low B string distorted groove, through honky midrange to glassy highs on the high fill at bar 62. Also note the variations to the chorus groove the last time around.

Not only does Jason Aldine Williams use the same band for live and studio but it has been the same core trio of Kurt Allison (guitar), Tully Kennedy and Rich Redmond (drums) since the very start.

The transcription:

Errata as at Wednesday 19 August 2020

Bars 55, 57 have been corrected – current link is corrected PDF.

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