Forget About The World

Artist:Isaac Kennedy Bassist:Sonic Edwards Free Download About the song: The reason for choosing this song is a little different and possibly self-indulgent. Usually, I choose bassplayers I respect and pinpoint the exact lines and fills I would love to incorporate into my own playing. This one is different in that Isaac is a mate and … Continue reading Forget About The World

Last Hard Bible

Artist:Kasey Chambers Bassist:Jeff McCormack Free Download About the song: Last Hard Bible, written by Kasey Chambers for her debut album, The Captain. Released in 1999, it featured the talents of Jeff McCormack on Bass and BJ Barker on Drums. At first, this appears to be straight forward two feel with a standard root and fifth … Continue reading Last Hard Bible

Bar Room Roses

Artist:Troy Cassar-Daley Bassist:Joe Chemay Free Download About the song: This song is from the True believer album, with a few different but killer rhythm sections - including Leland Sklar and John Robinson and of course, as on this track - Joe Chemay and Paul Leim. Featuring great walking lines as well as no frills two … Continue reading Bar Room Roses

Days Go By

Artist:Keith Urban Bassist:Jimmie Lee Sloas Free Download About the song: Jimmie Lee Sloas absolutely slays on Days Go By. Played on a detuned bass (DGCF), there are lines that are only fully possible due to the open D and G strings, particularly the fills on the bridge (bar 68). There is also a lot of … Continue reading Days Go By

You’re My Better Half

Artist:Keith Urban Bassist:Jimmie Lee Sloas Free Download About the song: This song has always captured my interest. Whether its the beautiful melodic fills in bars 5, the breakdown in bars 90-94 or just the subtle variations, JLS is the man. In true session musician style, he also played on The System Has Failed album by … Continue reading You’re My Better Half