Gunpowder and Lead


Miranda Lambert


Glenn Worf

About the song:

Gunpowder and Lead was cowritten by Miranda Lambert and Heather Little and appeared on the Crazy Ex Girlfriend record in 2007.

“Some people are like, “Ugh! I can’t believe she’s singing that!” And it’s meant to be taken lighthearted in some aspects, but [this song is] also very real to me … When I was younger, my parents took in abused women and their kids, so I saw firsthand what damage it can do to a family to be in an abusive relationship.”

Miranda Lambert

The bassline sounds like it was played with a pick on flatwound strings and through a tube DI with a bit of grit dialled in. Some highlights of this bassline are the fills; a short scalar fill in bar 26, a chromatic run down in bar 47, and a crazy octave fill in bar 59, not to mention the run up each chord in the last four bars. The line in general both grooves and rocks out, simultaneously supporting and colouring the song from start to finish.

The transcription:

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