Forget About The World


Isaac Kennedy


Sonic Edwards

About the song:

The reason for choosing this song is a little different and possibly self-indulgent. Usually, I choose bassplayers I respect and pinpoint the exact lines and fills I would love to incorporate into my own playing.

This one is different in that Isaac is a mate and we live tracked this song with Paul Bain on drums earlier this year. So the bassplayer on this track is me; Sonic Edwards. But, the aim is the same. I have pored through the line as objectively as possible and tried to listen as though it’s a different bassplayer.

So, to highlight some sections I’m proud of:

  • The groove in the second verse (bars 21-28)
  • The Fill in bar 45 (over the drum build up that then dovetails with the band hit on the 2nd 16th of beat 4)
  • The low D in bar 54 (the only hint that this was played on a 5 string)

The transcription:

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