I Love You


Martina McBride


Joe Chemay

About the song:

“I Love You”, written by Keith Follesé, Adrienne Follesé and Tammy Hyler, was originally recorded by Martina McBride for the film soundtrack for Runaway Bride. The 1999 number one was McBride’s biggest country hit to date, due in part to being featured in the Julia Roberts/Richard Gere film.

Joe Chemay and drummer Lonnie Wilson are such a great combination, tonally and in phrasing, supporting and augmenting the melody and lyrics. The part of the song that always sucked me in was the re-entry of the bass halfway throught the first verse that dovetails so nicely with Martina’s vocals that it acts as a hook. And when the bridge kicks in and JC just pumps 8th notes on the lower two strings, and man it’s powerful.

Have fun learning this one as it provides a real insight into the melodic genius of Joe Chemay.

The transcription:

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