Days Go By

Artist:Keith Urban Bassist:Jimmie Lee Sloas Free Download About the song: Jimmie Lee Sloas absolutely slays on Days Go By. Played on a detuned bass (DGCF), there are lines that are only fully possible due to the open D and G strings, particularly the fills on the bridge (bar 68). There is also a lot of … Continue reading Days Go By

Goodbye Town

Artist:Lady A Bassist:Michael Rhodes Free Download About the song: Goodbye Town was released in 2013, as the second single from Lady A's (then Lady Antebellum), album Golden. Co-writer Josh Kear brought the idea for the song to Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood during a writing session, drawing experience from a girlfriend with whom … Continue reading Goodbye Town

You Belong With Me

Artist:Taylor Swift Bassist:Tim Marks Free Download About the song: This was a request from my 6 year old daughter. It was on my list and she loves singing along with it, so she insisted that this one was next. You Belong With Me starts off with a banjo ostinato and then the bass enters with … Continue reading You Belong With Me

She’s Country

Artist:Jason Aldean Bassist:Tully Kennedy Free Download About the song: According to Country Weekly magazine, songwriter Bridgette Tatum got together with fellow songwriter Danny Myrick after thinking of a groove "that she didn't want to forget." Tully Kennedy uses the same white P/J Sadowsky bass on all tracks in the studio. The tone on this track … Continue reading She’s Country

It Happens

Artist:Sugarland Bassist:Paul Bushnell Free Download About the song: Paul Bushnell's list of credits is huge, from Shakira to The Commitments. As always, his basslines are on point. And on this occasion, he whips out some pretty sexy fills between grooves on this cheeky song from Sugarland. In particular, check out bars 22, 40, 44 and … Continue reading It Happens

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

Artist:Reba McEntire Bassist:Leland Sklar Free Download About the song: This bassline is two lessons in one; pedal tones and creating interest with subtle fills AND funky lines that lift the chorus. Leland Sklar is a master with superb tone. For more on the story behind the song: Leland Sklar playing along to the … Continue reading The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

Single White Female

Artist:Chely Wright Bassist:Glenn Worf Free Download About the song: This song wasn't on my radar until just recently and was actually a suggestion from fellow TalkBass member Seanmo. Of course when I heard it, I loved it because Glenn Worf has such a gnarly tone that sits so well in the track. There are some … Continue reading Single White Female

Stand By Your Man

Artist:Tammy Wynette Bassist:Bob Moore Free Download About the song: This is a classic and controversial Country hit from 1968 that features the talent of A Team studio session legend, Bob Moore. While mostly 'meat and potatoes' Double Bass playing, it does feature interesting unison lines, slash chords and a variety of runs. As is typical … Continue reading Stand By Your Man

You’re My Better Half

Artist:Keith Urban Bassist:Jimmie Lee Sloas Free Download About the song: This song has always captured my interest. Whether its the beautiful melodic fills in bars 5, the breakdown in bars 90-94 or just the subtle variations, JLS is the man. In true session musician style, he also played on The System Has Failed album by … Continue reading You’re My Better Half

Whippoorwill River

Artist:Vince Gill Bassist:Willie Weeks Free Download About the song: This song by Vince Gill carries a beautiful sentiment and is supported by some serious craft. It varies tempo between the verses and choruses and each has distinct sonic characteristics, but the bit that blew me away was the the rhythms that Willie Weeks pulled out … Continue reading Whippoorwill River